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Ballast Monitors – NEW BIO FUELS Requirements

NEW BIO FUELS Requirements

KSB Seil have now launched their Class’ approved updated system approved in accordance with IMO Res.MEPC.240(65)

SERES-UK can offer you a full package including equipment and installation for the new Bio Fuel Update called S3000 Version.2

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ODME – Ballast Monitors

SERES is probably the best known name in Ballast Monitors with their first commercial system dating back to 1979 following a six year development program in collaboration with IMO, BP and Shell at their Thornton Research Centre.

In 2004 SERES France sold the marketing and manufacturing rights to their Korean partner Seil Seres Ltd which was in turn bought by KSB and now trades as KSB Seil Ltd.

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ODME - Ballast monitoring S-3000 - Made by SEIL SERES

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